(Transcript of FutureTV News Broadcast)
“Shiro Shinobi Jr. here, coming to you LIVE from Republic City.

In the news today: It has been 5 years since the unfortunate death of Avatar Korra, and still the Order of the White Lotus are on the hunt for the new Avatar. If you believe your child or someone you know is the new Avatar, please call the number on the bottom of your screen.
Many people are beginning to question the competency of the order, as it has been their focus for many years and they are still in square one. Are they incompetent? Did Avatar Korra’s separation with her past lives put an end to the Avatar cycle? Or is the order keeping more secrets than we know? Stay tuned to find out. Later in the program; do you have some unruly spirit vines in your garden? Stay with us to learn first hand from our friendly gardeners, wait, gardener? – shrugs – May-Jim! how to keep those spirit vines viney!"

Avatar: Scorched Earth

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